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For many years, Britain was the laughing stock of the culinary World. However, London now has some of the most fantastic restaurants around, from Fish and Chips to the finest cuisine around World and our Gourmet Travel Tours can show you everything in Britain that you need to see.

Check out the delights of the famous Borough Market where you can not only buy vegetables and groceries, but also sample organic, locally produced food in the hustle and bustle of a London market.

It's a given that Britain leads the World in Whisky and Beer but have you tried our wine? British vineyards produce some of the finest wines of the World. Away from London, heading to the Cotswolds will bring to the Pudding Club and their range of fantastic after dinner treats. Or, for a real treat for the stomach, travel to Scotland to try all kinds of deep fried foods. They will fry anything.

Tell us what you like and we'll arrange a tour of Britain for your taste buds.

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