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Everyone knows that in London, the main shopping streets are on Oxford Street and Regent Street. But do you know about the other shopping available in the capital? A Chirton Grange London Shopping Tour will take you to all the places in London, not crowded with tourists taking photographs of a Primark store.

We'll take you to the large department stores on these streets, but we'll also take you to one of the two Westfield Shopping Centres, one of which is the biggest shopping centre in Europe. As well as the main stream shops, there's plenty to behold in London of a more unique style...

Carnaby Street and Savile Row are world renowned. Savile Row has achieved worldwide fame as a street famous for mens suit tailoring, so famous in fact, that the Chinese word for suit is  loosely based on the pronunciation of Savile Row... As well as the bespoke tailoring outfits on Savile Row, Carnaby Street is a famous destination for shoppers looking to get that authentic kitsch West London look. From worldwide brands to individual bespoke fashion houses, Carnaby Street has it all.

For a true authentic London shopping experience, you should also trawl the markets. Whether you're looking for food, clothes, antiques or just something tacky as a souvenir, you can find it all in one of London's many markets. From, Alfie's Antiques market, to Borough market, through Camden, Covent Garden and Spitalfields, there's everything in London.

And finally, for a truly majestic shopping experience, we'll whisk you to Burlington Arcade. Located in Mayfair, the arcade (and their porters) have been "curators of London style since 1819", proving that there really is no place like London for shopping.

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