Chirton Grange Ltd

The Unique Chirton Grange Soccer Day Tour:

8am – Collect you from your hotel in chauffeur driven car

9am – Arrive at stadium for an in depth tour of the ground

11.30am – A fun, yet competitive game of footgolf/5-a-side

1pm – Time for Lunch

2.30pm – Head to a local stadium to watch a match

3pm – Kick off

3.45pm – Half time, pie and a Bovril/pint

4.50pm – Match finishes head back to your hotel

Schedules can be adjusted to suit your personal needs and of course, for midweek evening kick off times. Venues across the UK

Soccer Tours

We know you and your family love soccer. So Chirton Grange have designed a unique, guided soccer tour which will allow you to not only see the game, but also a chance to play the beautiful game.

Soccer is woven into British history, so while we know you'll visit all the wonderful palaces this country has to offer, this tour will give the perfect opportunity for you and the kids to blow off some steam, have fun and soak up a real soccer atmosphere.

Your guide for the day will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and you'll be chauffeur driven to one of the main stadium tours, whether it be Wembley, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Emirates or Anfield. Then it's off to take in a round of footgolf, a fascinating soccer/golf hybrid designed to get you out in the fresh air and have some family fun. Dads beware - there is only one winner!

Once we've had lunch, it's off to the big game. A competitive, professional soccer match outside of the riches of the Premier League, a chance to watch the soccer that over half a million people in the UK see every week. Did you know? - The richest game on the planet, across all sports, is the Championship Play Off Final.