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If you're thinking of a holiday in the UK this year, the chances are you're reading this from a country bigger than the UK. Most of them are... The advantage of the size of the UK is that almost everything can be done in a day trip or one night stay. Chirton Grange have a number of UK Day Tours available no matter where you're staying.

Naturally, most visitors to the UK stay in London and there's plenty to do there. However, what you probably didn't know is that the picture at the top of the page is located a mere 30 minutes drive into Kent from London. Not only are there sights like these, there's the Battle of Britain memorial in Dover, Kentish vineyards and out into other counties within day trip distance there's Portsmouth and Southampton where you can marvel at British Naval history. In the other direction (North) there are several large boutique shopping centres and even Birmingham - although you'll probably need a whole day for that.

If you're not staying in London and have decided upon Manchester or Liverpool, you can day trip to the Lake District with some stunning scenery as well as the Peak District. You can also nip across the border into North Wales where there's some of the most fantastic countryside you'd be privileged to see.

There's so much more to Britain than just our big cities, fantastic as they are, and it can all be done in a UK Day Tour.

UK Day Tours